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Bonded system

Bonded system for hot water distribution

A bonded system is a type of system where the heat pipe, insulation, and casing are all connected together. Thus, all layers of the bonded system dilate as a whole. In this design, the pre-insulated piping system has a service life of approx. 30 years at operating temperatures up to 135 °C (cyclopentane up to 150 °C). When subjected to higher temperatures, the PUR foam degrades. The bonded system features sensor wires located around the heat pipe to measure moisture in the insulation. These wires serve as an alarm system.

Where is this system suitable?

  • For hot supply water distribution
  • For central heating distribution
  • Pressure gas pipelines
  • Insulation of sewer pipes
  • Cooling water distribution in mines

Sdružený systém pro rozvody teplé vody

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