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Sliding system

Sliding system for hot water piping

For hot water piping and temperatures in the range of 150-165 °C, we recommend a sliding system. At such high temperatures, conventional PUR foam would degrade, but with a sliding system, the pipe serving as the heat distribution piping system can move within the thermal insulation. The service pipes are also lightened, thus able to better dilate in a given section. This special design extends the lifetime of the insulation by more than 30 % and ensures the safe and trouble-free operation of the system, as less stress is placed on the material.


Why use a sliding system at temperatures above 135 °C?

Temperatures above 135 °C can damage a conventional system for one simple reason: PUR insulation can only withstand temperatures up to 150 °C. Therefore, a so-called sliding system is used instead, where fibreglass insulation is inserted between the service pipe and the PUR foam to further lighten the service pipe to allow for better dilatation into the compensators.

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