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Passages through the wall or entrances to the shafts are designed with special sealing elements.

Labyrinth rubber seal

Dim Dim
63 225
75 250
90 280
110 315
125 355
140 400
160 450

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Seals the gap between the pipe and the wall. It is fastened by tightening screws that stretch the special rubber.

A new, cost-saving method of sealing the gap between the pipe and the wall. The advantages of TAYLOR-SEAL over other methods of sealing - caulking, bricking - have been proven through many years of use. Installation is quick and convenient. Nothing compares to TAYLOR-SEAL! It is made up of individual elements connected by corrosion-resistant screws, held together by plastic or metal pressure plates. The special rubber elements are resistant to aging, water, light, and air, as well as chemical environments.

Těsnění Taylor-Seal