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End caps

End cap for temperatures up to 130 °C

A cap made of plastic that is placed onto the end of a pipe (in a manhole, end of a piping line, etc.) and is then shrunk using heat. The cap is used to waterproof the end pipe.

End cap for temperatures from 130 °C to 300 °C

(protected by utility model No. 9203)

The cap is made of sheet metal and treated with special anti-corrosion and heat-resistant paint. The cap is used to waterproof the end pipe.

koncová čepice pro teploty do 130 st.C

Installation of the steam end cap:

  • After cutting off the protective cap made of PUR foam (painted black), connect the wires of the alarm system (if installed) to the insulated wire included in the delivery.
  • Make sure that the wires do not touch each other and do not touch the service pipe – possible short circuiting
  • Place the end cap, including the appropriate insulation, onto the end of the service pipe and pull the insulated cable through the hole between the casing and the end cap so that it rests loosely on the HDPE top casing.
  • Weld the end cap to the service pipe around the entire circumference using a corner weld. CAUTION! Do not burn the service pipes.
  • Clean the surface where the shrink sleeve will be applied with technical alcohol, roughen with sandpaper, and remove residues after sanding. The prepared surface is activated by heating with a propane butane flame to a temperature of about 60 °C. CAUTION! Beware of burning through the insulated cable when installing the alarm system.
  • Slide the shrink sleeve (supplied) over the end cap and casing, through which the insulated cable for the alarm system had been threaded.
  • The transition between the end cap and the casing pipe must be in the middle of the shrink sleeve.
  • Remove the protective foil from the shrink sleeve and shrink. Shrinkage is carried out by heating the shrink sleeve evenly with a weak propane flame.
  • After completion, it is very important to check that the shrink sleeve is well-shrunk around the entire circumference and sides of the insulated cable.
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