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Pre-insulated piping

We produce full scope pre-insulated piping handling temperatures up to 150, 165 and 300 °C. We provide a warranty period of up to six years. We also provide post-warranty services. We only source components from certified suppliers verified in the long-term. Pre-insulated piping with polyurethane insulation is also used for overhead distribution systems, where SPIRO casing is used as an outer sheath.

What is pre-insulated piping used for?

  • For water distribution
  • For steam distribution
  • For cooling liquid distribution in industrial air-conditioning systems
  • For distribution of technical liquids
  • For wastewater distribution
  • For heating water distribution in heat pumps

Předizolované potrubí

No more concrete structure

Pre-insulated piping is laid directly into the trench on a sand sub-base, thus eliminating the need to build a concrete structure of the piping. Pre-insulated piping is made of insulation layers, whose composition is calculated according to the specified maximum temperature of the medium, and fully replaces the conventional duct laying of heat pipes.

What does pre-insulated piping system consist of?

The system consists of 6-12-metre-long straight pipes, segments of service pipes, bends, branch pipes, reducers, compensators, anchors, fittings, and joints, all arranged in accordance with the design. The usual customers for pre-insulated piping are heating companies and municipal agencies involved in the distribution of heat and hot water.


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