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Technical parameters

Pipelines are divided into straight pipes and profiles in the shape of L, U, or Z. The L, U, Z profiles are produced implementing a natural compensation in the elbow (ellipse), or using expansion pads (designed in the layout scheme) for temperatures up to 130 °C dilatation. Our solution for direct piping lines uses anchors and compensators. We use axial compensators encapsulated by a guidance pipe. Our company handles the calculation of pipe dilatation and thus the proposed number of compensators through a layout scheme. We perform this calculation free of charge.

parní přímé potrubí do 300 st.C

For temperatures up to 130 °C, it is possible to use so-called disposable starting compensators and pipe preheating. For steam distribution we use spring bellows compensators, where the spring bellows are made of at least two layers and cold-formed sheet metal. The compensators are manufactured in standard lengths of 2,500 mm from DN 25 to DN 600.